Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Christmas!

Hello Everyone! I am so excited this Christmas. My husband and I purchased our first Christmas Tree! Continue reading for more pictures of our Christmas decorations...
  Handmade bow as a tree topper.
This was my first time making a bow like this. I referenced a lot of YouTube videos. I ended up making three to cover the top of the tree. I couldn't hold the bulk required to make one large bow in my hand on my first attempt at making a bow like this. Overall I was happy with what I made :-)

The full tree.
Christmas on a budget is what I have named this tree LOL! We ran out of white lights but after spending nearly $100 on the tree and decorations we said we would just buy more next week or when they go on sale after Christmas for next year!!

Welcome to our Christmas Corner! 

The Christmas corner is our decorated fire place that holds are Christmas stockings (for 12 days of Christmas) and features a birdcage decorated with an outdoor Christmas theme. The tree inside used to be my Christmas Tree every year when I lived alone prior to getting married. The angel hanging inside of the birdcage was a gift from a close friend of the family. Once again I made a handmade bow from ribbon that I got from Dollar Tree. Most of the decorations came from Dollar Tree :-) 
My husband and I decided to do 12days of Christmas this year where each day we put a gift in the stocking for each other. I will share my gifts with you on the 12th day - Christmas Eve. 

Close-up of my animals all dressed up for the Holidays!

The full view.

Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays!!!

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