Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Over!

Hello Everyone! My first year towards earning my doctoral degree is over!!! In celebration, I treated myself to some lovely gifts...MK5696 and MKJ1675710

I have been in love with tortoise shell for 5 years now. I had glasses with the tortoise shell on the temples and temple tips (earpiece) and they were my favorite. The prescription is not right for my current vision but I still have the glasses and wear them from time to time. LOL! You can find these items at Nordstrom (bracelet on sale), Macy's, and Lord and Taylor. Don't forget about eBay too sometimes you can get a good deal ;-)

Let's get to the reason why I felt I deserved to purchase these items. 
  1. A PhD. student needs to have a committee just as a Master's student does except there is one additional person on the PhD. committee than on the Master's.
  2. There are certain classes that must be completed within your first three semesters as a PhD. student (that are only offered on campus).
  3. A Plan of Work must be submitted in your first semester of enrollment. 
By the end of my first year I have only accomplished part of one of the three things I needed to do. Not for lack of trying on my part. But boy did I have some trouble getting the faculty in my department on board. A professor finally felt bad enough for me that she agreed to be my committee chair at least until someone comes on board that is better suited to assist me with my topic. After I threatened to quit the program and go elsewhere.

Mind you I have earned two degrees from this same institution already and no one wanted to work with me.  What a warm welcome back I received, not! I will say this though there was a professor who was kind enough to guide me whenever I reached out to her but she could not be my committee chair for fear of doing a disservice to me and I respect that.

On top of it all my classes were the worst. No clear direction from the professors, pressure to develop a research question when I hadn't even nailed down a committee chair to head up the topic, and no feedback for paper written and presentations presented.   So b/c of all of the stress I started to get migraine headaches again after not having one for almost five years.

I also commute one hour each way to class which can take a toll on a person also especially when there is traffic!
I am not going to let the experiences of this year stop me from continuing b/c I really want my PhD. I may need to take my time in doing it for health reasons but I will complete the degree! I am two classes away from completing the four required classes so I will make the requirement for this at the end of the Spring semester. I will finalize my committee this semester as well and hopefully graduate on time by December of 2015. 

As always, thanks for reading!

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