Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Closet Organization!

Hello Everyone! I recently got fed up with the plastic hangers in my closet! I was a victim of the cluttered mess that plastic hanger can cause, well no more! I am now the proud owner of 200 Real Simple Solutions Slimline Hangers - in my favorite color pink of course!!
Okay, so first of all my closet is really small. I can barely turn around in it and don't even think about having me and another person in the closet at the same time - it ain't happening! I tried to bring my husband in to see my hard work I had to step out so he could come in LOL! So keeping it clean and organized is important!

A great way to organize your tank tops!

Looks Good, right?!

I used all 150 hangers. I purchased another box after these three. I am planning a sewathon this weekend so and will be breaking into the fourth box then!!!

Hangers available at Bed Bath and Beyond for $29.99. They have some on sale at the website www.

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