Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Complimenting Curves

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The term "curvy" as it relates to the fashion industry has a history of being tied to plus sized women. That tie is still present with the exception of a fairly recently introduced "curvy" fit for jeans and trouser pants that is being adopted into many retailers' pants collections.
The reality of it is curves come in all sizes. Most women have curves.  The term curvy should be redefined to refer to shape not to size. After all the word "curve" describes a shape, right? Today's blog post highlights a curve complimenting garment; high waist pants. This piece should be a staple in the wardrobe of a women with an hourglass or pear shaped figure. 
What's great is that there seems to always be a new trend with this style of pants so you can always keep up to date and compliment your curves at the same time. Current trends are offering high waist jeans in different cuts such as skinny leg, flare leg, and wide leg. Not all cuts will prove flattering to the hourglass and pear body types.

In the hourglass figure the bust and hips are fuller and the waist is smaller and well defined. In the pear shaped figure the hips and thigh area is fuller and the bust and waist are significantly smaller. The trouser cut or wide leg high waist pants or jeans is extremely flattering on the pear and hourglass figures.  Not to say that you should not wear the other cuts, I am all about breaking the rules of a fashion! But I place complimenting curves before flaunting curves any day.

Pants that fall straight from the hip like the wide leg/ trouser cut will compliment your curves by  elongating your legs and placing emphasis on your small defined waist as the waistband of the pants will rest directly at the smallest point of your midsection. Another great thing about the high waist pant is its ability to camouflage any stomach bulges and create a smooth curve if you have the right size. This is true for hourglass and pear shapes.

A popular trend right now is the acid wash high waist jean. If you are a curvy woman who shies away from lighter washed, no worries the gray acid wash jeans are darker and will work just fine! This particular trend comes in a skinny cut so be sure they are not too tight (close fit is good) as they will accentuate your hips in a negative light.

Another popular trend is the high waisted jogger pant. This pant is most seen in leather/faux leather but they also come in traditional knit sweat shirt material and woven fabrics (usually printed). This trend is curve complimenting and comfy!!

Kim Kardashain does a great job of accentuating her curves with high waist pants, jeans, and skirts.

You too can be sassy, sexy, and curvy with the right fitting pants for your body type.
Here are some options currently available on the market.

1.                       2.                          3.                                  4.           
1. BCBGENERATION  ($94.99)
2.  Luxe Jogger Pant ($19.99)
3. Alice + Oliva ($220.20)
4. Tripp NYC ($64.00)

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