Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fabric Haul Part 2: Girl Charlee and Morex Fabrics

Hello All! I hope everyone is doing well! I am building up my fabric for my fall wardrobe. I always like to have transitional pieces as part of my wardrobe so the weights of the fabrics here vary.

I am a huge online shopper, especially when it comes to fabric. It is not really my choice. I would prefer to touch and feel the fabric rather than look at pictures of it (so I order a lot of samples before I purchase). But there aren't many, well any, true fabric stores where I live. The closest fabric store is 35 minutes away and the selection is not that great. From there the next fabric store is 2.5 hours away from my house. The selection at that store is pretty good it's called Mary Jo's and it is a fabric warehouse. They have a lot of fabric there! However, the fabrics I am showing today are from Morex fabrics in LA and Girl Charlee who is also in LA.

 These are the woven fabrics I ordered from Morex fabrics.  This is a stretch gabardine fabric. It is a great suiting type fabric. It is medium weight and I love it. I will be making blazers and pants from these fabrics. I may do a dress but I have not decided yet. If I do it will be on the structured side. I had a good experience ordering from Morex. The price of the fabric is reasonable but the shipping is pretty high, which is why I did not purchase as much as I wanted to :-)  One awesome thing about this company is that they give you free swatches. The will even give you a color card with a swatch for each color that the fabric you like comes in. That is how I selected the gabardine fabrics that I purchased.

 The knits are from Girl Charlee. Girl Charlee has some awesome knit fabrics! The quality is great. My only complaint with this company is that they take forever to ship your items. I placed my order August 25th. On the 27th I received a notification that my order shipped. When in reality only a label was created for my order to be shipped in the near future. My order did not go in to transit until 3 days later - Aug 29th. I received my order on Friday, September 6, 2013.  So keep that in mind when you order fabric from this company if you are not in the LA or California area. A nice thing that Girl Charlee does is they send you free swatches with each order but they do not tell you the name of the fabric, what type of fabric it is, or even the item number so you can go to the site to order it. I think they could do a better job of that b/c some of the swatches I do want to order but I don't want to make a mistake and purchase something I thought is the right and it turns out to be wrong. 

Stay tuned to see what I make from my new fabrics.

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Bobbins of Basil said...

Hi! I came across your blog by searching for Morex Fabrics on Pinterest. I'm a little worried that the prices are just too good to be true. Have you ordered from them before? How is the quality? Obviously the shipping is high, which is why I want to order a lot at once (it only goes up a small amount after you add more, but the initial rate is more, so I want to get the most bang for my buck).

I used to live in Boston, and there was a fabric store there that carried really high quality stuff at incredible rates, but I've moved since then and just can't find any affordable fabric! occasionally has good deals, but I feel like their prices have been getting higher overall too.

I appreciate any insight/recommendations you have about Morex!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting. I ordered stretch gabardine from Morex and I love it! The quality is great! It was worth the high shipping cost :-)
I did receive a swatch card from them of some brushed knit that I did not like. It was not for the quality but it was just not what I thought it would be. I strongly suggest requesting a swatch card before purchasing if you have time. They are free so it is worth it.
I hope that helps. Good luck!
Thanks for reading my blog!