Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cherry and Mint: Nail Polish Drying System!

Hello All! I hope you are having a great holiday weekend! My sister and I have this weird thing about our fingernails. Whenever we polish our nails they never seem to dry.

  I generally paint my nails at night. I wait for hours before going to bed to ensure my nails are dry. They are dry to the touch but apparently not all the way through because in the morning I have smudges and skin prints in my nails. I am always complaining to my husband and my sister and she said she has the same issues. For my birthday, my  husband purchased two nail drying items for me!

The first item is the Nicole by O.P.I Drying Drops and the second is the Charmtec Compact Nail Dryer in Pink. I love the dryer because it is portable and I can put my feet in it to dry my toenails too!! The drying drops requires two drops on each nail and it should be dry to the touch in 60 seconds and completely dry after 5 minutes. It is applied after you put on your top coat.
O.P.I. :: Charged Up Cherry| ULTA:: Mint Condition| LA.Colors Base Coat
This is the final product.  I'm not that great at polishing my finger nails. I am much better with my toe nails. But nonetheless I enjoy polishing both my fingernails and my toenails. In this picture the nails are dry to the touch not tacky at all. But the real test comes when I go to bed. So we will see if they last. I hope so b/c I polished them during the day like in the morning. LOL!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for reading!

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