Monday, August 26, 2013

Wanted Sooner than Later: Leather Riding Boots

I've searched for the perfect pair of "riding boots" since the trend started. I still do not own a pair :-(  But I think I am getting closer to getting some!!  Here is a pair that is a strong prospect and I may even get them in more than one color. I do that with clothes (find a garment I like and purchase in ever color or make it in multiple fabrics) this will be my first time with shoes, if I do it. LOL!
The Counter Boot by Nine West.  This color is Dark Natural Leather.
I love the back zipper detail of this book. The Counter can be worn with so many items like a sweater dress in the fall/winter season, skinny jeans or leggings.  I may even rock it with a mini skirt and tights ;-)

The Counter in Wine. So this is the other color that I am thinking of getting. I love that it looks (at least online) like a brownish purple. I am excited. Stay tuned to see if I get them :-)

Thank you for reading!

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