Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rhianna's Studio: Layout and Organization

Hello All! To me organization and productivity go together like peas and carrots (in my Forrest Gump voice).  LOL! I've had many different layouts for my sewing room over the years and many different sized rooms. I've researched ideas by looking at pictures and reading blogs of how people organize their sewing areas and I finally found something that works for me. It is basically a collection of what's worked for me in the past and new ideas from others.


This is Rhianna's Studio! I start by having everything I need to sew near me. This was a suggestion I used from a popular fashion and style blogger, Mimi G Style (, it was actually a video on her YouTube channel. I always include inspiration in my studio. My inspiration here is in the form of photographs of my past work.  I hang them on the walls and I have them displayed on my bookcase.
 My cutting table is directly behind my sewing table so that I may just swivel my chair from one table to the next. It makes for a smooth sewing experience. Of coarse storage is key! I store my fabric in baskets I got at IKEA.  I hand draft all of my patterns and I keep them in mailing envelopes I got at Staples
 They are labeled and placed in stackable file containers I got at Target and placed under the table. 
My tools for pattern drafting are hanging neatly on the wall for easy access. 
A whiteboard hangs on the back wall so I can make notes to myself (I am a huge To Do List writer :-)) and work out calculation, do quick sketches, etc. 

Well, there you have it! I hope this is helpful to someone.

Thank you for reading!!

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