Friday, August 30, 2013

Making Lemonade: Birthday Dress D.I.Y. Gone Wrong!

Hello All!  I hope everyone will enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend. I am super excited about this week as it is my birthday week!

Here in North Carolina it is still summer like weather so I decided to use a lightweight challis fabric for my dress.  Another reason is if we go out to the club I won't be extra hot while drinking and dancing LOL!
In the Picture: I use washers as weights to hold down my hand drafted patterns on the fabric.  This is the front of the High-Low T-Shirt Dress.

Picture of the dress before sewing. It is just pinned together on the body form.

So I go ahead and sew the dress together. Then I try it own and the horizontal stripes look horrible on my hips. I am closest to an hour glass figure so I have fuller hips and this strip was just not working. I think it was mostly because the stripes skew really easily b/c this is a light weight loosely woven fabric. So I'm staring at this monstrosity in the mirror thinking what can I do to save it. I purchased 2.5 yards of it and it was about $8 a yard from So I had some leftover and I'm thinking so should I make a skirt or should I just scrap it. After pouting in the mirror for a few minutes I start to play around with the lengths of the dress and it hits me! Make a shirt. Then I began to cut the fabric, pop open the seams with my seam ripper, and grab my skinny Levi's jeans out of the closet. I put on my birthday shoes from and I love the look. So I am thinking yes! I have an outfit to wear for my birthday dinner.

When life hands me lemons, I make lemonade!

 Birthday gift to myself. Aldo Shoes:: Bujumbura
The finished shirt. It's high in the front and low in the back.
A little birthday sparkle from Bauble Bar ( Check them out they have awesome jewelry!!
This was my first time using a Challis fabric. Challis is a lighter weight fabric that is made from 100% Rayon Fiber. It is woven fabric. I found that it skewed very easily which required more time and patience when aligning  the stripes on the side seams. Other than that it is a rather easy fabric to sew on. Many online fabric stores carry this fabric. Such as:,, and

Thank you for Reading! 


Lauren Trethaway said...

Cute.... Love it :) Way to turn it around!!!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

LOL! Thanks L.T. I had to do something. My feelings would be too hurt to have wasted fabric :-)

Jovan Brim said...

It's so pretty!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Thanks, Jovan!