Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Feel A Fabric Haul Coming On...

Goatskin Leather Hide from PeggySueAlso on
The fall is vastly approaching and it is time for me to plan my fall wardrobe. I must start designing now!
To create my wardrobe, I have to start hand draft the patterns, create a prototype and fit it (if i don't have a finalized pattern already made) then cut and sew each garment so that I may have them ready by the time fall officially arrives.  

Here are a few fabrics I have my eye on for the fall...

Bright Orange Cationic FINISHED Fine Grained KID Goatskin Leather 4.25 sqft 26"x22" Goat hide K
Bright Orange Catonic Fine Grained Goatskin Leather at PeggySueAlso on
Bloom Stretch Cotton Sateen Flowers Royal
Bloom Stretch Cotton Sateen Flower Royal at
Charmeuse Satin Cheetah Tan/Brown
Charmeuse Satin Cheetah Tan/Brown at
Stretch Cotton Sateen Leopard Tan/Black
Stretch Cotton Sateen Leopard Tan/Black at 

I love animal prints and many colors. I wear color all year 'round. A little pop of color can really brighten up your mood on a gloomy fall day or warm it up a cold wintery afternoon :-). 

 Stay tuned to see which fabrics I purchase and the clothes I create from them!

Thank you for reading!!

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