Friday, August 23, 2013

Fall Fashion Lookbook

Sweater Dress, Cognac Knee Boots (Brooks Brothers), Orange Tights, Grey Statement Necklace, Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, Cognac Leather Tote Bag
 Happy Friday All! If you've had a busy week like I have then you are saying with me Thank God It's Friday!! I am so ready for the weekend. I will be meeting up with a former co-worker for a birthday lunch and doing a little shopping. I am so excited! If you are headed out to the malls this weekend I've provided a few  little fall ensembles for inspiration on your shopping trips.
If you are anything like me, you wear skirts and dresses all year-round. I love to pair colored, lace, and printed tights with my skirts and dresses to add excitement to my outfit.  Cognac is like my go to color for shoes. I don't understand it I just love it! I will be on the hunt for a black shoe and end up purchasing something in cognac. I am just so attracted to this color for any season.  Knee boots are a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe.  I buy a few good pair a year. My collection is really growing :-) Sunglasses, I suffer from migraines so I have sensitivity to light which works out for me (of coarse not the headache pain) because I love sunglasses and this give me an excuse to buy multiple pairs :-)   I always keep sunglasses with me. I have them stashed in my car and sometimes I will have two pair in my purse. So if you are every hanging out with me and you forget your sunglasses, which my mom and sister sometimes do, I've got you covered.

Blazer (Zara), Ankle Pants, Gold Pumps, White Lace Cami, Statement Necklace

Work Flow, what can I say color is always a good idea to incorporate in your office attire. It makes me happy and feel good.  This ensemble is a great summer to fall transitioning outfit. I particularly like the pink blazer as part of the outfit because I am generally cold and where I used to work they would keep it freezing in the building all year-round; ANNOYING! I hate being cold it just sucks all the energy out of me.  I think it is a great idea to pair this outfit with a metallic to give it the extra pop. You will be not only sexy in this outfit but sassy too and everyone just loves the sexy sassy girl in the office. LOL! Keep in mind a statement necklace can jazz up any outfit so don't be afraid to wear them. Another good thing to do is combine medium sized necklaces as a substitute when you don't have a statement necklace to wear. There aren't any sunglasses shown in this image but I would totally have on a pair ;-)

Green Flounce Sleeve Shirt, Pink Blazer, Skinny Jeans, Sunglasses, Leopard Print Shoes, Layered Necklace and Black Clutch Bag
  Last but not least, the weekend look.  I am not a big fan of jeans but I do wear them from time to time mostly in the fall/winter months and generally only on the weekends. Anyway, I love the richness of the green chiffon top. The pink (I love pink b.t.w.) blazer can be worn as a jacket with the jeans and the green top. I love to throw in a print from time to time when I am wearing a mostly solid outfit. I guess I use it as sort of a "pop of color". I'm not big on sneakers either so a cute flat works for me. I think it is age appropriate and you can wear the flat anywhere in any setting. As you can tell, my casual is not super casual. It is rare that you will find me in sweat pants. I generally like to dress up and look polished when I leave the house.  I hope these were helpful.  I would love to hear your comments about the outfits or how you would put your own flavor on these pairings.

Have an AWESOME weekend!!!

Thank you for reading!

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