Thursday, August 15, 2013

D.I.Y.: Vintage Button Earrings

Hello All! Happy Thursday! Today I am sharing a D.I.Y. with you that I saw on YouTube. I will post a link to the video I watched and in the blog show you the earrings I made and tell you what I do differently from the video.

Materials Needed: Scissors, a tough fingernail file, pliers, earring posts, shank buttons, and glue. I used a glue gun. You can use any permanent glue you wish. I watched Puccasynau YouTube Video (here)

In this type of earring you can push the pearl out.

I pushed the pearl out and then used scissors to cut the shank off  to make a smooth flat surface to adhere the earring post.

This is what my earring looks like with the pearl shank removed and cut.

If you use a shank earring that does not have a removable pearl (like the one in Puccasynau's video) then you will need to apply tape (she does not do this in the video but if you don't you can ruin the earring when you file it) to the earring and then file the shank remnant down. I used the pliers to cut off this shank.

Glue the earring post to the back of the button. 

Repeat the previous steps for the other earring. 
Final Earrings

Other earrings I have made... I always like to package items I make as how I visualize them for sell.